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Biophysical Society
The Society sponsors both an Annual Meeting, the world's largest annual conference on biophysics, as well as more specialized meetings, the Biophysical Discussions, on topics of current research interest in biophysics. The Annual Meeting is open to students who wish to attend, and several activities are scheduled each year directly aimed at student attendees.

The Society also offers career information for students interested in the field of biophysics. The field of biophysics is quite vast and biophysicists are found working at colleges and universities, at medical centers and research institutes, at pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and at government regulatory agencies and independent foundations. The Biophysical Society has valubale career information on its website to help students sort through the large number of careers that the field of biophysics offers.

Yvonne Cissel, Meeting & Courses Manager
Biophysical Society
Phone: (301) 634-7266


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