Choosing a College/University

Create a list of at least 10 member colleges and universities that you might want to attend. Review the following questions. Visit the Web site links to member colleges, universities, and associations and find out more about these member institutions. You can also contact the admissions representatives of each member institution to obtain additional information. After reviewing the following questions, you can use the Member Institution Checklist to guide you in learning which colleges and universities are right for you.

  1. Size of School: Colleges and universities vary in size. Are you interested in a school with:
    500 - 1,000 students
    1,000 - 2,500 students
    2,500 - 5,000 students
    5,000 - 7,500 students
    7,500 - 10,000 students
    10,000 - 15,000 students
    over 15,000 students

  2. Location of the School: Are you interested in being close to a large city or do you prefer a smaller town? Would you like to be in a particular geographic location?

  3. Ethnic Diversity: What is the ethnic mix of the college/university you are interested in? How many African American/Blacks, Latino/Hispanic, Native Americans are at the college/university?

  4. Coed or Single Sex: Are you interested in a college/university that is coed, all men, or all women?

  5. Public or Private: Would you like to attend a private or public college/university?

  6. Extracurricular Activities: What type of extracurricular activities are offered at the institution (i.e. athletic activities, social clubs, political groups, etc.)?

  7. Academic Programs: Does the college/university offer the majors that I am interested in? What is the reputation of the school?

  8. Career Planning: What percentage of the graduates obtain a job in their field? Do the college/university have a good career planning office?

  9. Financial Aid: Does the college/university offer a good financial aid package?

  10. Research Opportunities: Does the college/university offer research opportunities for freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors?

  11. Internships: Does the college/university offer internship (paid/unpaid) and/or co-op positions?

After you have reviewed these questions, complete the Member Institution Checklist for each college/university you are interested in.


courtesy of University of Scranton
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