Ventures Scholars Program Feedback

The Ventures Scholars Program provided a 2005 end-of-year survey to high school Ventures Scholars. Ventures Scholars provided the following information:

VSP Web Site
The VSP Web site ( ) has information about the college and career planning process. Here's feedback about the Web site:

  • The Web site provides a lot information about the schools, and professional organization. I especially like the links to other science web sites.
  • This website was packed with information that made the college application journey significantly easier.
  • The Web site has been quite helpful with tips on college applications and obtaining financial aid.
  • Looking at the questions raised by other students has helped me to recognize some of the things I needed to be looking at for myself. I especially appreciate information about possible scholarships. I probably need to be looking more closely at information about study skills -- even though my grades are good, I could always look at ways to improve because I expect things to get more challenging as I go further.
  • It has exposed me to many aspects of the sciences through links and to member schools and different opportunities.
  • The web site makes me feel like I am not alone, like there are other people like me that are interested in the same things that I am.
  • All my questions have been answered and the reason I know that I really want to be a PT is thanks to Ventures Scholar's links and wonderful help.
  • The website has been helpful because it is designed in an organized fashion, and it was separated into certain categories. Also, it provided lots of information in each category. Plenty of information was given for colleges, careers, and SAT scores.

Ventures Scholars Program Biweekly E-Newsletter
Every other week, the Ventures Scholars receive a biweekly e-newsletter that continually provides information about math and science-related careers, the college planning process, scholarships, financial aid and much more! Here's what some of the Ventures Scholars said about the biweekly e-newsletter:

  • The newsletter has been extremely helpful. The myraid of information I was able to glean from it not only helped me in my college search, introducing me to schools I had not considered, but also in my career search, introducing me to new careers.
  • The e-newsletter has been truly a blessing for me in so many ways. It has provided so much useful information. It has been packed with all the information I needed. Everything was great, keep it as is!
  • The newsletter has been very informative regarding various science occupations, math and science programs, and tasks to be aware of in my Junior and Senior year.
  • The e-newsletters have been extremely helpful not only for me but also for my parents. The newsletter have helped me focus on college/university early on and helped me from procrastinating.
  • The newsletter has been very beneficial with the career information and the member institution Q&A.
  • I also really enjoyed the guidelines for what to do each semester.
  • I really learned extensively about colleges and careers through the VSP Biweekly E-Newsletter.
  • Every time I log on to the VSP website I find great information about college and careers, medical especially. Also, the high school student calendars are great for organization and keeping track of time. I love this e-newsletter so much. I'm pretty sure my mom loves it as much as I do if not more. She is online more than I am!
  • I want to go into a career of medicine. I've learned more about the pharmaceutical industry from the newsletter. This information has influenced my career choice and questions I have to ask. It clarified for me what were the components of the industry.
  • Without the e-newsletter, I would need to be going to my counselor every week or month just to keep updated.
  • The newsletter has provided lots of information on careers I did not think about.
  • The really cool stuff was the information about the scholarships specific to fields. The advice about the college process was amazing.
  • The newsletter has been extremely helpful in allowing me to be on top of college related and summer programs.
  • It has helped me to narrow down my choices for a major, and it had answer to the questions that I had.

Targeted Emails
The Ventures Scholars Program invites member institutions and professional associations to share information about programs, opportunities and career information with Ventures Scholars. The institutions and associations use the targeted email program to email to specific groups of Ventures Scholars and family members. Here's what Ventures Scholars had to say about the targeted emails:

  • I haven't decided on a major so when I receive emails about different subjects I often read them.
  • The targeted emails are extremely helpful, specifically the ones highlighting careers.
  • Targeted emails are very interesting. They let me know about some things that I may not have thought about.
  • I was surprised to find so many about the field I was interested in. It seemed as if they catered to me.
  • I especially like the updates suggesting different careers to consider. I have used the links to professional organizations to get more information.
  • Yes, they are helpful because some of the emails are about my future career in nursing.
  • I actually began to consider colleges I never heard of until I received an email on a special subject they offer.
  • A few weeks ago I received an e-letter concerning careers in the health and medicine fields. Conferences and summer programs were listed for viewing. I enjoyed looking through all the information just to see what was there. I was also mailed information about summer jobs and internships which was very helpful considering I am a rising senior.
  • The targeted emails have introduced me to colleges and programs that I would never have even thought of going to or considered. It opened my prospective to new fields of study and advantages.
  • Everytime I asked a question I always got a response, a very well detailed response that is, and I was am very please to know that there is help!

Ventures Scholars E-Buddy Program
The Ventures Scholars E-Buddy Program provides an opportunity for high school and undergraduate Ventures Scholars to e-communicate with each other. In the fall, we will be inviting high school Ventures Scholars to join this program! Here's what Ventures Scholars had to say about the VSP E-Buddy Program:

  • I did contact a current college student about my career goals, and it was great to find answers to the questions I had from a person that was actually going through it.
  • This was a good program. I was surprised to see so many students from my area and I am interested in contacting a few of them.
  • The E-Buddy program has provided a little comfort in knowing that there are other students who feel as nervous and anxious as I am in our approach to the college application process.
  • I used the Ventures email buddy chat to ask questions to older Venture Scholars. The Scholars where knowledgeable and helpful.
  • I did get assistance from other Venture Scholars. This is a very good and important part of Ventures Scholars.
  • Yes I did seek assistance from other Venture Scholars that were either interested in or already taking my desired college major. This program is very helpful because it allows high school students to get in contact with a peer who they can relate with and who can possibly help them make some very important school decisions.
  • I have contacted high schoolers and undergraduates that have similar professional ideas with me.
  • This program is very helpful and has allowed me to pick a major and find out about how [an institution] life will be.

Additional Comments
The Ventures Scholars Program asked Ventures Scholars to provide additional comments about the Ventures Scholars Program. Here's what the Ventures Scholars had to say about the Program:

  • In conclusion, VSP has helped me to become more serious about school than I was already. It's helped to broaden my career choice in the medical field instead of being closeminded and set on one particular career.
  • I think this program is very effective and encourages students to explore their many college opportunities.
  • You guys are doing a wonderful job. Thank you for all your support, it is appreciated. Continue answering our questions and providing insight on different careers and majors.
  • I just wanted to thank you guys for the work you do and for all the support you give me and the other scholars. Its really cool to be able to email you guys and have my questions answered.
  • It has helped to discover colleges, scholarships and a brand new world. Everything as amazing....don't change a thing!
  • The program has helped me tremendously because provide information relative to the sciences.
  • Venture Scholars Program has helped me stay on track and wide my horizon on colleges and universities available to me.
  • The Ventures Scholars Program has helped me specifically be providing information on my future career and careers related to it. It has also provided me with information on colleges that carry my major that I may want to look into. With the Venture's Scholars Program I can find answers to general questions that I have and information on areas that I may have problems or issues in.
  • I am very glad to have used and been a part of the Ventures Scholars Program. I plan to continue to use it for the rest of my educational journey.
  • The Venture Scholars Program has helped me to visualize options that I had not considered before. This has been a particularly busy year for me, so it has been good to have the checklist of things to do and a timeframe for them. I expect to use it even more so in my Senior year. I have referred some of my friends to Venture Scholars Program also.
  • The Ventures Program has helped me by broadening my view of the colleges I might be interested in.
  • I believe overall that the Venture Scholars program has helped greatly. It help me a lot to ease the stress of the college application process. It seemed like any thing that I had a question about, I could find it in one of the new-letters. The Ventures Scholars Program in my opinion receives a grade of A.
  • Ventures Scholars has been such a big help and I am very honored to be part of the Program, VSP can't get any better it is great and I don't know how to improve something that is beyond awesome!
  • The Program provided me with admissions information which was helpful during the process.
  • The Ventures Scholars Program has helped me by putting me in contact with several colleges and universities that I had not even considered. As far as I know, the program does not need any improvements.
  • I think Ventures is a great program that provides tons of information to high school students who are unsure of their future. You provide a great array of information.
  • It has helped with keeping me organized.





courtesy of Saint Michael's College
"This program has been helpful in countless ways and has given me benefits that would have been inconceivable had I not been a Ventures Scholar."
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