Thank you for interest in the Ventures Scholars Program. Organizations that will not use this site for profit or other commercial purposes are granted permission to link to this site as long as (a) an e-mail is sent to Ventures Scholars Program and the location address (URL) is not hidden (e.g., through the use of frames). The person or organization linking to the site agrees to remove the link, if requested. The Ventures Scholars Porgram links to other web sites that help our mission in counseling students and families about college, career, financial aid, and financial literacy choices.

How we evaluate potential links:

  1. Does the site relate to the Ventures Scholars Program's mission?
  2. Will the site provide educational value and is it appropriate for our target audience of high school Ventures Scholars, undergraduate Ventures Scholars, parents/guardians and family members of Ventures Scholars, and high school counselors?
  3. Is the information on the site accurate, valid, and timely?
  4. Does the site comply with industry standards regarding privacy?
  5. Is the source of the information on the site identified and qualified to be providing this information?
  6. Does the site function as it is promoted and does it allow accessibility to our target audience according to the broadest level of user technology?
  7. Is the focus of the site commercial or informational? We avoid linking to sites that charge the user for their services or focus on sales.

If your organization is requesting a link and the situation is time-sensitive (for example, if there is an application deadline involved), please include that information with your link request. We periodically review the site and links are included in the review process. If you locate a link that is inaccurate or has changed, please notify us at Contact Us. We do not endorse the sites linked to us unless specifically stated, and we do not require sites to reciprocate our link.


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